WISE Los Angeles teamed up with Prudential Financial in April for a three-part, Financial Wellness Series at Red Bull NA in Santa Monica. This series was designed by Prudential for the women of WISE to get a better understanding of how to make decisions with their money that get them closer to their financial goals.

April 5th kicked off the series with a discussion around women and money. Prudential presented statistics and information that helped the participants look at their own spending and earning while learning the myriad of different ways the world of finance could support their short and long term savings.

One week later on April 12th, the women of WISE reconvened once again at Red Bull USA for the second installment of the series. This session dove deeper into the various investment options and opportunities available, comparing and contrasting the benefits of each. This session also set up the topic of estate planning, which will be the featured subject of the third installment on May 3rd.

Stay tuned for a recap of our third and final session of the Financial Wellness Series hosted by Prudential.

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